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Amman Movies In Tamil Hd 1080p ##TOP##

with the coming of age of the tamizh film industry, i have always felt it was only a matter of time that the ktv (kamma tamil video) film industry would grow. with films like mookuthi amman on the horizon, it appears to be the time. this film appears to be a strong contender for the title of the next in the ktv industry. and of course, the visuals are spectacular. but is the film a compelling one? well, its a bit slow in the middle, but that can be blamed on the fact that it is a sequel. there are no new story arcs to explore. the film follows the same lines as the previous one and while the small-time local villains are more interesting, the larger ones are recycled. the new villain, bagavathy baba, is a huge let down. he doesnt have enough screen presence to carry the film.

amman movies in tamil hd 1080p

the story is more or less the same as mookuthi amman. here, nithya (vamsi krishna) is a young, innocent ktv fan. her father (jai akash) is a teetotaler who cant stand the sight of blood. he has a daughter who is into ktv, and as such, nithya is a bit of a rebel. she wants to quit the profession, but her dad doesnt have the heart to let her go. thankfully, rajakali amman saves her. she sees her as the saviour and falls in love with her. nithya and rajakali amman get married in the end. it is a very neat concept. there is a lot of sentimentality in the relationships. but what feels jarring is that its a sequel. the characterisation is too much like the original. but at least, the mood is right. the film has some memorable shots, especially some of the action sequences. the music too is commendable. the visuals are spectacular. what about the performances? they are quite effective.

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